Here it is …. Smart-Buildings are spreading at an unprecedented rate. Their plants are managed in an intelligent and automated way, they collect data through some sensors and rework them thanks to specific algorithms. They can prevent any structural problems, improve their energy efficiency and …. the quality of life of those who live there!
In particular, the Smart-Building aims to minimize energy consumption and ensure the comfort, safety and health of those who live there. Not negligible detail after the Covid-19 pandemic!
Despite analysts registered an 11% drop in investment in the smart building sector in 2020, they are expected to increase significantly from 2021 to 2025.
This is what emerges from the third “Smart Building report” of the Energy & Strategy Group of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano.
Integration and Innovation are two fundamental concepts to grasp the present and the future of increasingly automated, connected, multitasking homes and new work environments and cities where the fourth industrial revolution, the one of artificial intelligence combined with energy efficiency, is extending its pervasive effects.

Chiara Fiorenzo
Real Estate Agent