FIAIP is the main trade association in the Real Estate field and it is recognized by the European Community. For more than 40 years, FIAIP is one of the largest and most dynamic European Federations in its field. For this reason, FIAIP is also accredited by the European Parliament. This Association is the technical referent of the O.P.M.I. Parliamentary Observatory of the Real Estate Market in Italy. Its constant work is to provide the optimal conditions to guarantee a qualified assistance to its customers and to all consumers in the market, respecting the essential and cardinal parts of the Federative Statute.


FIAIP’s Real Estate Agents are qualified professionals who operate in an increasingly global and complex sector. They operate after being authorized and must be registered in the lists of the Camera di commercio (Chambers of Commerce). They carry out their activities in compliance with professional law (Law 39/89 and subsequent amendments) and operate in full respect of the customer according to a code of ethics of selfdiscipline. FIAIP’s Real Estate Agents are required to keep such behaviors that aim at making each client’s journey successful and seamless. Professional ethics, legality and transparency of our services are at the center of Real Estate mediation activities.
A FIAIP professional has a deep trust in continuous training. In addition to the Intertek certification, which is designed to guarantee a serene and safe sale, the federation organizes professional refresher courses and UNAFiaip forms.
Thanks to a FIAIP agent you can count on an ad-hoc assistance and advice during the whole process of sale or lease.