SPACE 2022
…your home? Bigger and surrounded by greenery

The global pandemic has led us to reconsider many priorities, especially housing.

The growing awareness of how important a healthy lifestyle is and the awareness of transforming an emergency situation into a structural solution, has led us to review the concept of space. We need space to live, to relax, and for smart working. So many Italians are looking for a new home, a larger home surrounded by greenery.

The research is about looking for a housing improvement!
But… it can be hard to find the right solution! From the data collected and communicated by Nomisma, in Italy there are three million families trying to buy a house and not all of them will succeed. The real estate scenarios for 2022 are of a further increase in prices, so it will be better not to wait too long!

Chiara Fiorenzo
Real Estate Agent