Milan – Cortina: Great Positive Impact on the Real Estate Market!

It is very difficult to estimate how the impact of the Olympic event on the real estate market will be.

A good example is about Expo 2015, that has revived tourism and strengthened the economy of this territory. This event brought a mix of positivity that has consolidated the importance and personality of the city. Many effects will depend on how the event will be managed and developed, and of course on the positive trail it will leave in the long run. However, we can look with optimism at the future.

The Winter Olympics will surely contribute to fuel this positivity, stimulating the real estate market thanks to the numerous visitors and the induced that will be generated on the economy.
It will be even more evident the result of the spotlight on Cortina, since the Olympics will help to rekindle visibility on the territory. The flow of travelers and the desire to upgrade existing and non-existing infrastructures will do the rest! The Milan-Cortina 2026 event seems to be fundamental for the development of the respective territories!

Chiara Fiorenzo
Real Estate Agent