What about the Real Estate Market?

The Metaverse is a connected 3D virtual world, where the real and digital worlds are bounded together. How? Though virtual reality and augmented reality.
In other words, it is a parallel universe, like in a video game!
Are you looking for a house near a VIP? If the dream is not possible in this reality, it can be in virtual reality!
But… how do you buy land and real estate in the future? With Nft (Non fungible tokens), through a certificate that guarantees authenticity and digital property, purchased in cryptocurrencies.
What about the new virtual reality? It unleashes a boom in purchases for land, virtual islands, constructions, in the new dimension that becomes reality with a computer or a smartphone. Conclusion? The brick (even virtual) is still a guarantee. 2022 will be the year of Nft (Non fungible tokens).

Chiara Fiorenzo
Real Estate Agent